Opinion: The intersection between global health and security


A couple of years ago a reporter asked me how I, as the U.N.’s special envoy on Tuberculosis, could emphatically state that TB was a threat to the security of the United States. I often get asked this question, and before giving an answer an agreement must be reached on the definition of global health […]


A Lot Of People Think This Disease Is Extinct, But It’s A Top 10 Killer Globally


Tuberculosis — a treatable, curable disease — kills approximately three people a minute. Tuberculosis, a treatable, curable disease, is still one of the top 10 causes of death, according to the World Health Organization. TB follows heart disease, stroke, lower respiratory infections and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease as a top global killer. About 1.7 million […]


WHO applauds the launch of Thailand’s First National Tuberculosis Research Roadmap


Geneva, 30 August 2017 – Recognizing the need for innovative tools and strategies to bolster the country’s response to end TB, Thailand’s national TB research network (ThaiTurn) has just launched the country’s first national TB research roadmap. The roadmap includes research priorities targeted at addressing health systems challenges, as well as the prevention and treatment of multidrug-resistant […]


WHO Global TB Symposium: Multisectoral Action to Accelerate Progress towards Ending TB


16 August 2017 – The World Health Organization (WHO) Global TB Symposium will be held  in Guadalajara, Mexico, this year on 10 October, in collaboration with The International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease and with the support of University of Guadalajara, School of Medicine. The Symposium will be held in advance of the 48th Union World […]


United Nations Special Envoy on Tuberculosis commends India for its bold vision in combating TB


New Delhi, 12 August 2017: Dr Eric Goosby, United Nations Special Envoy on Tuberculosis (TB) concluded his five day visit to India commending the Government of India for its bold vision and leadership in combating TB. The visit, from 7-11 August 2017, was aimed at understanding the goal and challenges of the national TB programme […]


The G-20 Declaration Makes A Major Mention Of The World’s Top Infectious Killer


Tuberculosis finally got some high-level political attention in this year’s G-20 Leaders’ Declaration Advocates in the fight against tuberculosis are pleased that the top global infectious killer is mentioned by name in this year’s G-20 Leaders’ Declaration.


WHO advises on the use of multi disease testing devices for TB, HIV and hepatitis


Geneva, 26 June 2017 – The World Health Organization (WHO) released a new information note on “Considerations for adoption and use of multi disease testing devices in integrated laboratory networks”. The document, jointly prepared by the Global TB Programme and the Department of HIV and Global Hepatitis Programme, provides a strategic overview of key implementation […]


Ending TB featured prominently at the 70th World Health Assembly


26 May 2017 | GENEVA – As the first week of the 70th World Health Assembly (WHA) comes to a close, efforts to end TB were placed in the spotlight alongside the exciting election of the new WHO Director-General Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.